Please let us know if you ever make it up North. Live in NJ and admiring your work via Facebook.
-- Allison Amati, 2/2/19

Great meeting you at Spectrum show Miami (#331) Very interesting medium and you have definitely mastered working with it in your creativity!
-- Doug Powell , 12/17/18

Wildly inventive!
-- Mark Kertzman, 12/8/18

I purchased two of your pieces and just love them, as do my guests..I am interested in the piece you called, Picasso', and am wondering if you have created another one. I am very interested in purchasing it, if available..
-- Diana, 11/16/18

Oakland Park
-- Gordon S Bernstein, 11/14/18

Hi. I saw your work yesterday at the Las Olas Arts Festival. I really enjoyed the creativity of your work.
-- Gordon Bernstein, 10/21/18

Love your work!!!
-- Lisa Glass, 5/2/18

I just bought your piece titled Lapis @ The Beth-El Art Festival. We have been watching your works for a couple of years. Happy to be part of the “sharpened” people. Please keep us posted on your future ventures.
-- John Murray, 2/2/18

Purchased some of your art today. St Armond cur!
-- Toni Bolser, 11/12/17

Let me know if any of your pieces go on sale.
-- Margaret Weber, 11/12/17

Love your work! I purchased a small one as a birthday gift for a good friend, and she loved it. I hope to purchase one for myself soon. Thank you for your unique designs!
-- Evelyn Valdes , 7/29/17

I bought a piece of your art at the fair this weekend. I love it and love your work
-- Carol Wing, 4/12/17

Saw your work at the Los Olas Art Fair. Bravo!! Some of the best I've seen! Hope you get to Atlanta some time soon!
-- Cindy & Bob Cohen, 3/4/17

Great Work at Coco beach, Totally grabs your attention, I love your balance of chaos and order!
-- Celeo, 11/27/16

Hi it's Aiden I just wanted to say hi. I am from cocoa Beach Florida. I was at your art show I love your art.
-- A I D En , 11/27/16

One of these days, I will be a proud owner of your creation! I saw your art work in St. Pete last. Hope to see it again and hopefully purchase one in December.
-- Olan Deguzman, 11/22/16

Just saw your work at Delrey Affair. fascinating, unique and colorful. It was a pleasure to meet you, continue with your work, thanks for sharing.
-- Elsie, 4/12/16

I find your work amazing but I now find even more beauty in it after reading about your story and hearing your message. Thank you for being an inspiration!
-- Catherine, 2/26/16

Hello, I was wondering how the 4 divas and 4 hearts are coming alongthanks Mary jo
-- Mary Light, 2/12/16

Me and my friends saw the Las Olas art festival and we became so impressed. Love your work!!!!! Lilian in Sweden
-- Lilian Lantz, 1/25/16

Just saw your work yesterday at Las Olas for the first time and absolutely love it. Amazing work and hopefully will be buying some of your pieces soon. Where can i get a price list?
-- Luciana Agache, 1/10/16

Dear Tshun; Im not an art person,however,your work has changed my mind,i just cant see enough of your work. I love my peace,i will enjoy it,and look forward to buying more from you! keep up the OUTSTANDING job that you do! you are so bless in so many ways! hugs, Marcus
-- Marcus Pinan, 12/21/15

I saw your work recently in Plantation & I was VERY impressed. Very creative. I have one suggestion. Many people love hearts. I loved the piece you had there on the red wooden background. I would have bought one like it had it been smaller & less expensive. I don't have room for a big piece like that but the smaller faces you had were a perfect size, but hearts would have been nice.
-- Susan, 11/17/15

It was a pleasure to meet you today at Art in the Park, Plantation, FL. Your pieces are truly unique and extremely creative and nothing I have ever seen. ! All the bright colors and big eyes. Everyone was a gem! I hope to see you at another show:)
-- Alexandra Maslan, 11/15/15

I got chills when I saw this wonderful art work.I have never seen before. I can not say all the words in my mind and heart for the person I talked to. I just grab him and hug him. God has given this young man a wonderful gift. I want to see it again. I hope I will have one of his art work in my house. I will go for another one of his showing. Thank You Sip Tshun Ng. 10/08/15
-- Dixie, 11/13/15

I just saw the Las Olas art festival where I saw your fantastic work. I live in Pompano Beach with my I have had many opportunities to see your art in other art festivals as well. I must say that although you are an amazing artist...I get a wonderful feeling about you whenever I talk with you (for only 10-20 seconds) and when I just read your "about me" section on this site. You are a very kind and loving person! I am a practicing Buddhist and I must say your "loving" vibration is so your art and from you personally. I am so happy you are doing so well. Namaste to you!! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us art lovers!
-- Beverlee Horowitz, 10/20/15

Saw your work in Downtown Disney. My 13-year-old daughter chose one of your pieces as her first work of art. Thank you for inspiring her!
-- Sue Allison, 8/2/15

Please send me a listing of available works. Thanks, Cynthia
-- Cynthia Montayre, 6/20/15

I love your work and get great pleasure at looking at the composition and precise execution. I only had enough money to buy a greetibg card that I plan to frame. Lucky me, that I have a small piece of your work!
-- Mary Ellen Compliment, 4/1/15

I love your work. It's so unique. I saw a piece that I liked that the small book store on 17th St. causeway in Fort Lauderdale. I was wondering if I bought it directly from you cost less than buying it from her. Thank you
-- Jill, 3/27/15

Great work, we saw at the Beaux Arts Festival at U.M. on 1.17.15 ; thank you.
-- Lisette Hondal, 1/18/15

I saw your art today in downtown Melbourne. It's so different than anything else I've ever seen was. It's very creative and beautiful. I hope to make it back their sometime today or tomorrow and buy one of your pieces. The trouble is deciding which one, as I love all of them
-- Tara, 11/8/14

TSHUNART LLCGreat Stuff!!!
-- TSHUNART LLC, 8/23/14

Where is the pony tail girl w purple check cubed background featured @ Pop gallery ?
-- Tina Lawson, 5/25/14

I love your work - huge fan!
-- Rhonda Gambino, 4/30/14

Love your work !!!
-- Ellen, 1/8/14

Love your art work.....
-- Gallegher Assao, 8/24/11

TshunArt - WAKTU - Expressions in the context of time
Whimsical hanging wall art with Pencil Hair
Greeting cards with working clocks
Sip Tshun Ng Artist
Pompano Beach FL
I hope you enjoy my art... Love Tshun

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